Content Warnings

Gun usage

Project Introduction

So, you’re in John’s shoes. You’ve got pretty much reasons to think something's up on Lush Palms. Nothing to be heard from your sister for weeks, who’s working there, the rumors say locals are running away, the military base there is out of control…Time to jump into the action and investigate who’s (or what?) behind this all!

And how will you achieve this all? Following these steps:
🔍 Search and uncover hidden notes and local history along your way! Our plot develops in the 80s, however, you'll deepen into the older times, as the story has its roots back there. Find out the island's and its inhabitants' background, its researchers, scientific breakthroughs, and the far-reaching consequences of their experiments.
🧩 Solve story-related puzzles and find the way to lead you to the answer. Each task is a piece of the larger mystery. Switch on your curiosity!
🔫 Fight your way to the answers! Prepare to confront the Gasmentis, tough opponents. Find out how come their minds are under control. Bosses will stand in your way. Upgrade your weapons to face them all!
🛠️ Craft and discover various tools to make your mission easier. Obtain resources and prove yourself here! Everything you do brings you closer to solving the case.
⚖️ As you near the end, there's a tough decision. Choose wisely how to wrap up the INVISIBLE FLOW game!

And additionally:
⚫️We made author’s comics and slide inserts to make sure the game plot is developed more versatile!
⚫️So we did with the story - we wrote it ourselves and hope we did it well.
⚫️No AI-generated elements - everything you see in the game is created by our team.
⚫️Therefore each corner of the island is carefully designed for you to enjoy the location as you explore. We pay a lot of attention to ensure it is visually stunning!

About Developer

We're Andriy, Danylo and Sofiia, the team of three behind the DOG HAD HOUSE studio. Andrii and Danylo are the game's devs and artists and everything else. Sofiia is in charge of in-game texts, social media, video creation and everything else)
The DOG HAD HOUSE name comes from a popular Ukrainian fable — Мав Пес Буду (literal translation - Dog Had House). We wanted our studio to hint at storytelling, so we stayed with it.

We, Danylo and Andrii, met at the game dev studio in 2019. Since then we've been friends. We've got loads of experience from Ukrainian and Polish big studios, working on different projects, all related to game creation, character design and 2D/3D modeling. Besides this, each of us has personal game releases, too. Pretty much the whole package to start a collaboration, right? Sofiia joined us later and she is experienced in project management and communications in the arts and culture sector. Her experience is now very useful to us.
Each of us has our reasons for working on this project after our official jobs for so many months. The common thing is that it was never a commercial purpose in the first place that kept us doing it. Every time we work on the INVISIBLE FLOW, we dive into the details deeper and deeper, dedicating ourselves to a better result even more. We hope to create something of high quality that can become an achievement we're proud of. We might not have enough experience in every part of the game dev but it's honest work :) That's why we're applying to the Indie Cup 2024 - to make our creation even better.