Project Introduction

Control different insects in an open world environment and learn about their way of life.
Explore worlds like the European forest, desert landscapes or human habitats like apartments and houses. Collect resources, other insects and upgrade player cards.
Improve your insects with upgrade cards like the honeydew or caffeinated leaves
and level your insect using the resources that unlock Metamorphosis levels.
Learn about many different mini-games during the open world exploration, including:
- Anthill fights
- Obstacle course
- Insect race against time (on foot or in flight mode)
- or arena fights in 1 versus 1 style.
- Multiplayer mode
Almost all insects have been professionally scanned and can be viewed in the game lexicon, including all information.
The content is entirely based on scientific knowledge.

About Developer

I'm a 37-year-old solo game developer from Germany, working on various projects. I've always been passionate about creating virtual worlds, including exploring the mysterious world of insects.