Content Warnings

The game features battles.

Project Introduction

A 2D, linear, hardcore roguelike in a medieval setting. Where the player has to travel through a procedurally generated dungeon. Progress is realized through items found by the player. Items give the player a variety of positive effects. The player can also find different types of medieval weapons that can be broken and set on fire. The player's goal is to find the key to the exit and the exit to move to the next level.

About Developer

My name is Anatoly, my nickname is Morty.
I live in Kyiv, Ukraine.

I develop the project on my own in my free time. However, during the development I had to use the services of an artist and sound designer. The project is already 8 months old and started as a childhood dream to work in GameDev.

The development is completely uninfluenced and reflects only my individual vision.