Content Warnings

There is an insinuation of opium use as a means to perform covert actions. This action is not visualized at all.

Project Introduction

Game Description:

Imperial Ambitions (IA) is a 4X strategy about discovering uncharted territories, colonizing new lands and establishing a thriving economy to feed your armies and changing the demographics of Europe through both peace, war and sometimes criminal ways during the Age of Discovery!

In IA the players will,

Embark on daring voyages of discovery, embracing the thrill of venturing into the unknown

Engage in a relentless race to establish colonies in new found lands before their rivals, trying to seize the most exotic goods, from tea to opium.

Maintain logistics and Import luxury goods necessary to meet the needs of their evolving society.

Efficiently allocate their labor force and expand their production repertoire to process raw materials into valuable commodities.

Exploit corruption within hostile empires, to smuggle goods where trading is not an option.

Seize and develop colonies to monopolize luxury goods, only to find themselves at the crosshair of empires.

Train a diverse range of agents, from gentleman to shadow-masters, to unlock unique abilities.

Undermine opponents through controversial choices such as slavery, smuggling, crime syndicates and more.

Weave the fate of Europe and the world in their hands and survive the age of imperialism...

Artistic Statement:
Imperial Ambitions adopts a pixelart style from an artistic perspective. This decision is rooted in the themes that the game portrays, some of which are delicate and contentious, including topics like slavery and discrimination. The objective of IA is to prompt players to reflect on the consequences of these themes for their semi-cute pixelart inhabitants, rather than approaching it solely from a pragmatic standpoint. Our aim is to create a game that remains approachable despite addressing these controversial issues, thereby encouraging players to be more deliberate in their decisions before giving commands.

Simultaneously, the retro pixelart style aims to captivate players who have fond memories of the spiritual successors of Imperial Ambitions, such as Imperialism.

At the same time, our soundtracks aim to give a unique experience to the players while representing a proper historical style of music seldom used in games these days.

Statement of Innovation:

Imperial Ambitions is a spiritual successor to Imperialism and civilization series, drawing inspiration from their mechanics. While IA shares production line elements with Imperialism and battle mechanics akin to Civilization, our innovation extends far beyond these resemblances. We aim to introduce groundbreaking features to the strategy gaming community that will revolutionize the way we play 4X games.

Agent-focused gameplay;
We are rightfully accustomed to seeing that the individuals are of minimum importance in 4X games. However, history showcases how impactful unorthodox choices made by individuals can be. Machievelli, Martin Luther, Marco Polo and many more, have shaped Europe and the world more profoundly than most armies. With this in mind, IA shifts the spotlight onto agents. In IA, we aim to make a range of agent classes, from a gentleman to shadow master, merchant to pastor, who are capable of more than a few abilities, gained through experience or skill trees. These choices can be as simple as establishing a trade route, or delving into the shadowy realm of operating opium dens.

Dark side of empire building;
IA also undertakes a crucial mission: to make players more open to discuss sensitive subjects of our history. We aim to achieve that by implementing choices inspired from almost criminal and controversial policies of the dark history of empires, such as child labor, distribution of pox-infested-blankets, impressment, blood tax and regretfully, more.

A dynamic populace;
Different from the Imperialism series, we would like to make the population dynamic and intractable, making them more than mere numbers. They may be in various states, from sick to rioting and even retired, where their inclusion to the labor force will be affected with the impact varying based on their educational background. With this, we introduce an additional layer of complexity for players to consider when constructing their societies.

About Developer

We are a team of three;
While I manage the game design and programming,
my daughter focuses on art,
and a brilliant composer maintains music and SFX.