Content Warnings

No content warnings, the game is family-friendly for all ages.

Project Introduction

Set foot on a magical island and immerse yourself in a whimsical small open world as ILA, a spirited young witch-in-training. Start your journey fueled by determination and your trusty skatebroom. Explore, find secret places, collectables, and improve your magic and flying abilities as you make your way to the summit.

A Cozy Exploration Platformer Adventure Awaits:
- Embark on a Journey: Join ILA as she explores a mysterious island surrounded by snowy mountains with cozy Scandinavian vibes in a journey of perseverance and self-discovery.
- Unique Gameplay: Have you ever flown on a skatebroom? Solve gravity-defying platform puzzles and collect valuables to enhance ILA's witchy appearance and abilities.
- Immersive Soundtrack: Let the beautiful original soundtrack by Joaquim Scandurra (Sku) accompany you on your ascent to the summit.


- Collect magic to enhance your flying ability and soar higher and farther.
- Solve platform puzzles defying gravity.
- Collect special items to customize your witchy appearance.
- Dynamic original Soundtrack.

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About Developer

Hi! We are Magic Rain Studios, an indie game studio with the mission of empowering players to achieve the extraordinary through crafting games that are not only entertaining but also have the potential to enrich lives and spark joy in every player.

Magic Core Team:
Yesenia Vázquez (she/her): Artist Director.
Ítalo (he/him): Game Designer, Programmer.
Cristina García (She/her): Producer.
Joaquim Scandurra, Sku (he/him): Music Composer and SFX Specialist.
Marta García (She/her): Narrative Designer.

The team is based in Spain, and we are part of the GameBCN incubator in Barcelona. The game is inspired by Northern Europe with Scandinavian vibes.