Content Warnings

Cartoon violence

Project Introduction

Welcome to IDUN, a new breed of defense focused RTS. Your objective is to extract resources before being swarmed by hordes of enemies.
To achieve this, you'll have access to a vast explosive arsenal of turrets, tools, and heroes on your station orbiting this hostile planet.

Embark on an adventure with the eclectic crew stationed on this outer rim drilling station, where a captivating tale of love, deception, and death awaits. Some members can even be deployed on the battlefield as Heroes.

Fully Simulated Battlefield:
IDUN features an impressive array of simulations and rendering features:
Fully destructible terrain complete with vegetation
Swarms of enemies with fluid pathfinding
Massive amount of projectiles and explosions
Temperature, heat makes the enemies faster
Interactive smoke simulation
Forces like wind and pressure
Liquid blood simulation

Research and upgrade your arsenal and your space station over the course of the game. Specialize and adapt to overcome increasingly difficult challenges.

Every mission brings unique challenges, ranging from new enemies, environmental anomalies to game changing modifiers. Embark on these dynamic roguelite missions. Craft your strategy, explore diverse builds, and conquer these ever-changing challenges.

About Developer

IDUN Interactive is a small Stockholm based studio. We love making games!