Content Warnings

There's no upsetting content in our game.
I Was Lost was built to have a simpe and accessible gameplay. No gore, no blood, no violence.

Project Introduction

I Was Lost combines 2D mazes, sliding puzzles, and poems to create a relaxing but challenging experience. Each level is made from a poem's verse that unravels as you progress through the game, where you can control not only your position on the board but also move walls to create new paths and escape from seemingly impossible situations.
With the level editor, you have the opportunity to tell your own stories and share them with players inside the game or on our Discord community.

Among the features that the game has:
- No gore, no blood, no violence
- Almost 100 playable levels
- Creator Mode
- Discord Community where you can share and find creations from players all over the world
- Color palettes that are accessible for different types of daltonism
- One-hand control scheme and key-binding
- Available in English and Portuguese
- Change board letters to numbers if you don't have a deep knowledge of the language
- Speed regulation to avoid abrupt movements on the screen

About Developer

We started as two developers who would occasionally get together to develop jam games just to practice and improve our skills as well as to have some fun developing things we would not normally do. It was a way to tune in to this relaxed developing mode, like we used to do in the old days, tuning in the Channel 3 to play some games. From those concepts, we formed the Channel 3 Collective (or CH3 Collective), a way to develop and publish games in collaboration with other developers around the world.