Content Warnings

The game contains scenes of violence and depictions of blood.

Project Introduction

Among the residents of a small village, there are several aliens disguised as locals. You are certain that these aliens are up to no good. Of course, nobody will believe you, so you'll have to take matters into your own hands. Your trusty tools in this endeavor are a pickup truck and a camera.

The game is a first-person shooter set in the ambiance of the northern United States. It features natural landscapes, country music, dust, and the smells of gasoline and gunpowder.

The game includes elements of detective work, stealth, simulation, and sandbox play. It features an open map of 2x2 km with complete freedom of action and many secret places to explore.

Your task is to figure out who is who by observing the locals and collecting clues. There are numerous ways to commit murder, from the good old shotgun to rigged car accidents. And there's no room for error. Make sure no one sees or hears you. Leave no witnesses. Clean up your tracks and collect spent shells.

The roads are patrolled by cops, and the vigilant locals will report anything suspicious, such as a body in your trunk.

About Developer

My name is Philip. I live in Ukraine and have been involved in game development for over 15 years, although only in my spare time.

In 2022, I brought my game "Timeloop: Sink Again Beach" to release and participated in IndieCup Ukraine 22. I made it into 3 out of 4 categories but didn't win any. Developing this game and participating in IndieCup was a very interesting experience. We recorded the dialogue with some of the best dubbing actors in Ukraine.

In 2024, I quit my job to pursue game development full-time and focus on my current project, "I Want to Believe."