Project Introduction

HyperCore is a “Rhythm Bullet Hell”, mixing the frenetic action of classic bullet hell Shoot'em Up with semi-procedurally generated encounters based on the music. As PRISS, survive the action-packed levels in sync with the music and protect what is left of Humanity.

About Developer

Gameinaframe is a one person studio founded in 2015 by industry veteran Vincent Joyau.
I work with freelancers from all around the world and help other indies with their projects.

Projects Gameinaframe has developped or contributed to :
Go Home Pigeon (mobile-2016) (in-house)
Du Lac and Fey : Dance of Death (Steam 2019)
Blacksad : Under the skin (2019)

Some Projects Vincent has contributed to before founding Gameinaframe:
Dark Sector (2007)
Bioshock 2(2010)
Brink (2011)
Dirty Bomb (2014)