Project Introduction

In a world where humanity lives in a Tower, a mysterious cult appeared: the Soulbinders. They started to pierce humans in order to extract human souls, gain more power, and climb the forbidden floors of the Tower. Their hunger for power could not be satiated; they always craved more and soon most of the Tower inhabitants were pierced. The vast majority of people, deprived of their souls, quickly turned into monsters, but some managed to retain a fragment of their humanity. These people were called Hollows - half human, half monsters, unable to die...
You are one of the Hollows, determined to climb to the top of the Tower, get your revenge and defeat the Soulbinders. However, the journey to the top is extremely dangerous as the floors are filled with people turned into monsters. Will you be able to save the Tower?

About Developer

Hey guys, I'm Danny. Ever since I played Tibia at ~9 years old, I've been fascinated with creating immersive worlds. What I'm trying to do with Hollow Survivors is to create a mysterious world that's full of dangers yet beautiful. I want the players to feel uneasiness when they encounter a new enemy and feel genuine happiness when they beat a hard challenge or just hang out in the Oasis.
Fun fact about me: When I was 10 years old I read that games are made with C++, so naturally I went into a game store and tried to buy C++... The store clerk (understandably) just laughed at me. I regularly think about it to this day.