Project Introduction

Hoglands is a dynamic strategy game with roleplaying elements and beautiful hand-drawn graphics set in a gloomy medieval environment. You will be plunged into the adventure of a noble boar trying to protect your kingdom from hordes of the undead and find the cause of the spreading plague. It is up to you to build defenses to fend off nighttime attacks and gather resources during the day. Don’t forget to try and destroy the source of the plague that is turning your subjects into flesh-hungry monsters.
Dynamic Combat
Every second counts because your enemy is getting stronger with each new wave. Hunt vampires during the day if you don’t want them to attack you at night. The game alternates between night and day, shifting the balance of the game in one direction or another accordingly.
Build Your Army
Gather resources and quickly build defenses because night is coming and your enemy will certainly try to attack when you’re least expecting it.Recruit and arm your fellow survivors. You will need them for defense and forays into enemy lairs.
Make Sacrifices to the Evil Gods
You need allies in a battle to the death, sacrifice your subjects to receive bonuses that will bring you closer to victory.
Do you have the courage and skill to face Count Porcula himself?

About Developer

We are a small team of like-minded people based all over Ukraine. We like to play games and we like to make them.