Project Introduction

The game begins as the protagonist goes to work at a factory. Upon returning home, he discovers that his mother has lost her job due to the factory's aggressive competition with local shops, which introduce new products daily. As the only working family member, he finds himself unable to leave his job because there are no other employment opportunities in town. This leaves his mother unemployed and too old to work in the factory. Meanwhile, the increasing demands at the factory lead him to drink more, despite needing to save money. This struggle continues until he uncovers secretive activities happening within the factory.

About Developer

My name is Jan Nechvátal, and I am a game developer. I handle almost all aspects of game development except for programming and music. I completed my studies in Games Design and Games Enterprise in the United Kingdom before returning to Brno, Czech Republic. My good friend and programmer, Adam Parker, who stayed in Cardiff, and I are collaborating on this game. We are also working with Alexander Vakhitov, a music and sound designer I connected with online while seeking collaborators for this project.

I relocated to Brno to participate in a local game incubator that assists with setting up our studio. The city hosts a thriving game development community, both within the incubator and the wider area. I regularly attend monthly local game developers' meetups and other Czech events like Anifilm, which offer extensive networking opportunities. I've presented our game at the Lektvar festival and am excited about future events such as Game Access, where we plan to showcase our game once more. Additionally, I translate interviews with local developers for Vision Games, an initiative that archives games and documents the development background of each title. I also work at MADFINGER Games as Customer Support for Gray Zone Warfare.