Project Introduction

The game does not have a graphics engine or third-party libraries - it is built exclusively on HTML, CSS, and Javascript. Supports mobile phones or any device where you can run a browser)))
It is possible to zoom: Ctrl + scroll
Some doors are locked and you will need to find access cards for them. Use teleporters to get to different places in the game level. Beware of exposed electrical wires!
Monsters run into the light - when you turn off the flashlight you can’t see well, but so do they)))
There are different mechanics for using weapons: firearms deal varying degrees of damage depending on their type. Sensor grenades are also available - install it and it will only explode when a monster steps on it.
The AI ​​of the monsters is not scripted and does not repeat itself - it lives its own life: the instinct of self-preservation, aggression, and much more.

About Developer

I am a solo developer at ENOT web studio)