Project Introduction

Your goal is to expand your empire to as many harder and harder procedural islands as possible to maximize your empire’s population!
You have to efficiently use the available resources, tools and perks, adapt to the environment, customize your deck, complete procedural quests... otherwise you can’t establish a strong enough colony to set sail for the next one!
Set sail, and choose wisely! Which island's perk and biome fits your playstyle and strategy the best?
Will you endure the harsh cold in the north, the arid desert islands, and other nasty climates?
How far will your empire reach?

Your first building is always a town hall, which claims some tiles around itself.
If you reach a specific population with a town (i.e. by building houses), its territory grows, claiming even more land!
If your island is populated enough, you can leave for the next one!
But why waste those valuable resources? Build as much as you can so your empire prospers!

Though every island is a clean slate, you won’t set foot empty-handed!
Every island rewards you with a perk, helping you till the very end! So choose your next island wisely, build synergy!
Collect various tools, special cards and save them for later! Maybe planting a forest or discovering a mine is what’s going to save your colony!
Build structures like trading ports, which benefit your future islands as well!
A balanced toolkit is the key: a harmony of perks, tool cards filling the gaps and buildings on previous islands supporting your future endeavours!

About Developer

I’m Tibor Udvari and my purpose was always to see others have fun with my creations. I had been modding & managing WoW and GTA servers for 8 years.
Then, I developed my own engine, which I soon dropped for Unity. Later I released my first commercial game: Regrowth.
Currently, transitioning to full-time is not feasible for me, so I continue to work as a full-stack and DevSecOps engineer at a French company.
I've only been to local game developer conferences so far, which are sadly very scarce. However, I'm in a small but passionate mostly European game developer community with whom I participate in the Ludum Dare game jam twice a year. Hopefully, one day we'll meet in person at an international game development meetup or conference.
My hobbies include game jams, making videos, brewery, gardening, engineering, history, science and dabbling with various instruments.