Project Introduction

Adventure through an interactive world full of wonders where your bark can change everything!
Herdles lets you play as a witch’s canine familiar tasked with saving magical creatures and solving a dark mystery. Herdles walks the line between an epic adventure and a puzzle platformer, using barking as the main mechanic of the game. The game takes place in a dynamic environment of lush hills and forests that get increasingly more magical as the game progresses. We decided to make a game without combat or death, instead players are offered multiple humorous and puzzly solutions to deal with adversaries in the game.
Accessibility inspires all of our efforts and is at the core of every design decision. We want to pioneer a new way of thinking about modern accessibility by not only providing numerous settings to accommodate people with various disabilities, but also offer adjustments to the game itself. The game can be taken at face value or easily changed into a challenging parkour with dangers at every turn as well as a super comfortable cozy experience devoid of all conflict. This way, Herdles can truly be a game for everyone.

About Developer

Christian (One More Journey) is a psychologist and UX specialist that has consulted and taught all things User Experience, User Research and Accessibility. After working as a UX and game designer he decided to take the plunge into indie game dev, making a prototype for Herdles. This first prototype led to a cooperation with Fire Sword Studios and the game is now being developed by both. Fire Sword Studios have been around for a decade, making the acclaimed The Perfect Tower (which will get a remaster soon) and The Perfect Tower 2, boasting ~500000 unique players.
Both studios are based in Vienna, Austria and are well connected in the indie scene.