Content Warnings

Possible bad ending warning

Project Introduction

Heralds of the Avirentes is a unique visual novel experience, which brings you into the “Crystal punk” fantasy setting, where the world of Nanraas exists in the parallel universe, unseen to mere humans. It is inhabited by the race of sentient dragon-like beings – the om’veri. They have their own culture, language and long history filled with exciting yet dramatic events that led to long-lasting, violent, and exhausting world-wide military clash known as the “Reunification Wars”. After the decades of darkness and slaughter, the long-awaited fragile peace has finally descended upon the lands of Nanraas. The nature and the om’veri race have been slowly recovering after the age of ruin and devastation brought by the reckless warlords and blind ambition, however, another great mysterious disaster is yet to be unfold… Young cheerful and ever-curious om’verai Azaries is preparing for her pilgrimage to the new mysterious adult life. Together with her loyal friends, they are going to visit the scientific and cultural capital of the om’veri to make their dreams come true. Everything was going according to the plan, until the vortex of mysterious events has forged another destiny for Azaries and her companions – now the fate of the entire worlds depends on them!

1) Azaries Amnera – cute and kind main character! Or, perhaps, she is not what she seems… Each and every decision made throughout the game impacts Azaries both physically and mentally, as well as her friends and the characters she meets during her travels. Heralds of the Avirentes is a choice-based novel, thus it’s up to player to decide the fate of the world. Moreover, unique player’s style can unlock new benefits and handicaps by sticking to whether “dark” or “light” side of character’s moral doctrine. Nevertheless, being too kind or applying excessive force might not always be the best option.

2) Try all the available roles! Main story is a breathtaking refined adventure experience filled with carefully crafted dialogs and unique gameplay features. Dive into the grim atmosphere of upcoming disaster that can wipe out the entire life on the planet! However, the majority of ignorant fools believes it only being a fairy tale that scares young hatchlings, Avirentes is closer and closer with each step our heroine makes! Mysterious stranger Akhellis inspires Azaries to investigate the deep changes of the surrounding world in order to find answers. Moreover, she keeps countless secrets, including the mystery of Azaries’ violet eyes. Why can she control the ancient powerful mechanisms? Will she be able to stop the future catastrophe? Why does every single animal become aggressive and extremely dangerous? Only you, as a player, can find answers!

3) Game features unique setting of the om’veri world! Explore Nanraas and uncover the hidden mysteries of this ancient race! Roam the trails of the wilderness, fly in the skies, enter ancient temples and forgotten shrines! Fight for your own future!

4) Experience the breathtaking highly detailed and totally unique art style of the in-game content! Fabulous backgrounds and high-quality top-notch sprites will make you spend hours in Nanraas exploring breathtaking views and realistic character models!

5) Solid and well-adjusted turn-based jRPG-like combat system brings the exquisite new dimension and strategic flavor to the canvas of visual novel. Also, it brings multiple options of how you can handle your foes, as well as the chance to bring down the most dangerous creatures of Nanraas for good! Explore the vast arsenal of your characters’ skills and abilities, as well as their unique combat styles and arts of battle. Knowledge is the key to victory! Also, greed is not always a bad thing – local monetary system features several major currencies, and it may help Azaries get prepared for future encounters. You can buy items and upgrades for the main character, as well as purchase presents for her friends! Azaries can spend money just to entertain herself or invite her buds to a cafe for chitchat! Sometimes you can even donate some coins to the NPCs, which might result in pleasant surprises in the future.

6) Loyal and motivated friends can give you an upper hand all over the tide of battle! Charming Gherstie Mevela, reliable Alveces, mysterious Akhellis… Once their affection is high enough, you’ll get the most powerful allies who will always be by you side in the most dangerous battles to come! Good VN is never limited by the main story – dozens of exciting substories are scattered all over Nanraas and are waiting for Azaries and her lot to explore them! Even the most average of the requests can turn out to be a grand adventure for a couple of hours with exciting encounters, intrigues, mysteries, and investigations!

7) Social component, which includes reputation and characters’ affection, makes the interaction with the other characters even more vivid and exciting! Azaries can gain the reputation by completing local requests and substories. The level of affection depends on many things, as well as on Azaries’ karma – some NPCs prefer kind softies to deal with while the others will only open their dark secrets to the coldblooded murderers. Each city, town, and village houses tons of fun and breathtaking events! Find them all!

About Developer

TellerySpyro (a.k.a Evhenii Antonov) is the chief developer, coder, author of the
game concept, chief script writer. Evhenii is the Ukrainian artist who’s fond of
creating mysterious phantasy creatures inspired by the well-known “Legend of Spyro”
game series. He also liked improving his storytelling skills by writing short novels
about the previously designed character until he came up with the idea of creating the
world of Nanraas, which united the separate pieces of this grand universe. Currently,
game development is the kind of his hobby, which consumes the most of his free
time. However, the dream of creating a full-fledged game motivates him to continue
the development even without solid financial support. He works as an educator at
Zhytomyr Ivan Franko state university. Moreover, he’s a postgraduate student
conducting PhD research on gamification. He really enjoys the process of VN
development and does his best to keep the project kicking no matter what. The first
releases of the game pre-alpha and the presence of quality English localization helped
his team to gather a solid fanbase, which supports the project on Patreon and similar
DarkAlexus_GTX (a.k.a. Oleksii Antonov) is the second member of the team. His
responsibilities include creating and supporting the quality English localization,
verifying the dialog sequences, adjusting storytelling, adding, and editing substories
and/or the description of the characters/events. He also supervises the general flow of
the story and creates distinctive communicative styles for each important character of
the game. Oleksii acts as a chancellor regarding some gameplay features and plot
twists thanks to his vast experience of dealing with multiple VNs. He is also an
educator at the same university. Moreover, he insisted on initiating the development
of the game in the first place to “put all those fancy picture on Deviant Art to good
use and let them to get wasted somewhere in the long-forgotten corners of the