Project Introduction

Become a knife to slice your morning toast, water your beloved plants as a watering can, and experience how much fun making your bed as bouncy wobbly pillows can be. Unlock new rooms and objects as you progress and grow your surroundings into a joyful playground. Explore each level and try alternative solutions to challenges to discover additional objects and story bits.

Play through a wholesome story, fully voiced by a humorous narrator. Confronted with rules and obligations, Henry loses their playfulness and curiosity for the world while growing up. Overworked and unhappy with their life, Henry decides that it’s time for change. Help Henry to rediscover their playfulness: Experiment, explore and make everyday life fun again!

150+ Playable Objects:
Discover and play as over 150 objects with unique properties and abilities.

Local Co-op:
Let a friend join the fun at any time thanks to the drop-in local co-op mode.

Become the Right Tools for the Job:
Think outside the box to find alternative solutions to challenges and discover bonus content.

Life is a Playground:
Expand the levels of Henry’s life by unlocking new rooms and items, forming joyful playgrounds.

A Wholesome Story:
Listen to the narrator who guides you through Henry's life and rewards your exploration with humorous insights into Henry's quirky character.

Unlock and play a collection of fun mini-games which test your object-controlling skills.

Customize your Henry:
All Henry can really wear are hats. Thankfully there are plenty of them for you to find and put on Henry's shiny bald head.

About Developer

Lululu Entertainment is a young Zurch based game studio, founded by three friends which met during their Game Design studies. They share a passion for quirky and funny games and like to draw inspirations from other mediums like comics and movies. They released their debut title “Bamerang” in 2021. Now they are working on their next game “Henry Halfhead”, a character who can possess and control any object in their everyday life.