Content Warnings

There is some cartoon violence.

Project Introduction

Set in an original post-cyberpunk world based on real locations in a fictional version of Central Europe in 2040’s
Plan highly sophisticated heists for super secret prototypes or classified corporate intel. But be prepared that even the best laid plans can sometimes get messy. Adapt to change, make the right choices, stay alive and most of all, get the job done.
Put together a team of professionals made up of unusual allies with a very particular set of skills.

If stealth is not an option, fight guards and automated security systems in tactical card-based battles. Instead of traditional skill trees, customize your character by assembling a deck of cards tailored to your chosen strategy.
Utilize the unique combo mechanic by playing cards in the correct sequence to enhance their effects. Kick things off with a cheap attack, plan ahead to build your combo, and finish strong with a powerful finisher.
As you play certain cards, they accumulate upgrade points. Once the card levels up, it can be upgraded into one of two versions, each suitable for a different character build, offering deep customization enhancing your strategic options and synergies.

You can't really have a cyberpunk game without hacking. In HeistGeist, hacking is implemented through a unique puzzle mechanic inspired by the new DeusEx games and Android: Netrunner. You use cards, representing viruses and programs, on nodes in a digital grid to reach the payload located at the end of the server grid.

Follow the story of Alexandra, a professional thief for hire who's desperately trying to stay alive after her last job in Venice went terribly wrong. On the run from corporate assassins and with a knife to her throat courtesy of a very unhappy client, Alex needs to assemble a team of professionals to pull off the heist of a lifetime.
The game is set in a futuristic version of Central Europe of the 2040s, in a sprawling cyberpunk-inspired agglomeration inspired by our hometown.

About Developer

Doublequote Studio is an independent studio based in Bratislava, Slovakia.
Founded in May 2014 by two brothers - Ivan and Martin Kozmon - and currently consisting of four team members. The main focus of the studio is to create visually distinct game experiences, utilizing the team’s strengths in 2D graphic design and illustration in combination with a compelling narrative.

HeistGeist unfolds in a futuristic version of our hometown, Bratislava, the capital city of the Slovak Republic. With a scarcity of games set in our region, we aim to showcase local landmarks, architecture, art, history, and cultural specifics. The game incorporates a cyberpunk twist, extrapolating local socioeconomic situations and urbanism into a future context. The story is a personal reflection of our views and life experiences.

This game is a testament to our passion for intriguing characters, storytelling, action and sci-fi movies, graphic design and illustration, music, as well as the realm of board and card games. This harmonious blend is inspired by our own life experiences, aspiring to deliver a memorable and engaging gaming experience.