Content Warnings

The game contains scenes of smoking.

Project Introduction

Hedenite is a first-person 2D point-and-click/visual novel adventure game. It is set in an anachronistic world inspired by the city of Kyiv, its architecture, railway transport, and people.

You are eM and you just finished school. You live in Heden, the Lower Town, home to merchants, tram drivers, geographers, and smugglers. You are running errands for your granny when suddenly this happens: you get invited to study at the prestigious Vaughis University in the Upper City. It’s a dream come true! But there’s a catch: although Vaughis is dominating the hills right above Heden, the way up is far more difficult than it seems…

Hand-drawn world you’ll want to stay in
Explore the scruffy yet cozy fantasy world hand-painted by award-winning Ukrainian illustrators Anna Ivanenko and Jenya Polosina!

Captivating story told with quirky humor
Engage in funny dialogues with whimsical characters!

Fun story-driven puzzles
Solve mini-puzzles guiding you through the story's twists and turns!

About Developer

Heden Smugglers are a motley crew of creatives from Ukraine who got together at the Gamedev Camp Season 3 and are working on our first title, artsy adventure game Hedenite. Newcomers to the game development world, we have years of experience in other fields. We are award-winning Ukrainian illustrators Anna Ivanenko and Jenya Polosina of studio Seri/graph; cultural manager/writer/musician Les Vynogradov, and research physicist/programmer Nazar Mazur.