Content Warnings

There are unique ways to destroy evidence, including bodies. However the art style is PixelArt and all destruction is only implied.

Project Introduction

You've received another job, it pays well but something's not right. Pack up the truck and head to the location - Your task is to clean up the accident..

Hazard Pay is a block-pushing puzzler where you travel from lab to lab covering up the crimes of your employer. Each level you complete gets you closer to unveiling the truth behind all of these "accidents".

Items can be pushed, combined and destroyed - How you decide to solve each level is up to you and your choices.

About Developer

I'm a game developer from New Zealand living deep in the Black Forest, Germany!

Previously, I've participated in IndieTreff in Hamburg and am always looking for new ways to connect with people in the European indie game scene.

Hazard Pay will be my first commercial release after a few open source projects, countless prototypes and experiments.