HalfMoon Adventures

Project Introduction

The aim of the game is to own the best map store on the island and put your rival out of business.
You start with your first store and can go straight into the first dungeon to explore it. You can only explore the dungeons in the quadrant around the store and if you want to access other dungeons, you will need another store in the area. A dungeon can be successfully mapped once you have run through it from the beginning to the exit. However, the dungeon inhabitants will not like this very much. Once you have collected enough money, you can spend it on upgrades and more stores. Everything you do to improve your stores leads to a higher market share and a higher prestige, which in turn attracts more adventurers who want to spend their money with you.
If you succeed, your market share grows so high that your opponent has no more customers and you become the only map seller on the island. Otherwise, you could lose everything or end up in prison if you can no longer pay your debts.

About Developer

I am a solo indie game developer and currently working on my third game. HalfMoon Adventures is my first 3D game using Unity this time, whereas the first two games were made in Godot. I myself studied electrical engineering and it was always a childhood dream to become a game developer.