Content Warnings

GUNTOUCHABLES feature smoking, blood and guts.

Project Introduction

GUNTOUCHABLES is a 1-4 player co-op roguelite shooter where the enemies evolve just like the players.

"It's like Nuclear Throne meets Left 4 Dead... with mutating enemies"

The world has fallen. After a terrible incident and the surface has been overrun by a hostile and constantly-evolving horde of mutants. A ragtag group of armed survivors are taking matters into their own hands and leaving the safety of their shelters to reclaim the world.

The premise of GUNTOUCHABLES is simple. Each mission, the players must find and recover a number of supply crate (UpCrates) containing powerful upgrades. For each UpCrate recovered, the mission area becomes a little more hostile, and the players can only open the crates between missions.
The group must attempt to find as many UpCrates as possible before deciding to leave the mission area... However, any UpCrates left behind will be obtained by the enemy horde, and used to develop new mutations.

About Developer

Game Swing is a small Copenhagen-based game studio of passionate indie developers. Recognized for our devotion to social gameplay, attention to detail, and originality, we seek to explore new ways to play together, while being inspired by the games we played in our youth (many years ago) that we can still pick up and play, with friends and family, today.

Our games are always looking to explore new ways to play together, while still feeling familiar. We strive to make our games easy to pick up and introduce your friends to, and deep enough that you will get challenged to the limit.

The company was founded in 2013 by a handful of stubborn game students determined to bring their game jam prototype to market. Since then, we have brought three games into the world – Stikbold! A Dodgeball Adventure, OddBallers and the mobile game SpotRacers, a collaboration with Level Up Garage. GUNTOUCHABLES is our fourth original game.