Project Introduction

Grunn is a normal gardening game set in a mundane village in the far north of the Dutch countryside. A gardener gets hired to do some maintenance work over the weekend. The tall grass needs to be cut, the wild hedges trimmed, and the dead flowers could use some water.

It's a simple task, but strangely some tools are missing… The owner of the garden isn't around, and their house is off-limits. Perhaps new tools can be found in the mysterious town, or maybe some of the reserved townsfolk have seen them?

It is a very personal game, as the setting is inspired by a real town in the Netherlands where my father lives, and the garden you explore and take care of is actually his garden! :)

About Developer

Sokpop Collective is a Dutch videogame collective that consists of 4 friends. They all create games individually and then release them under the Sokpop name. In the case of Grunn, the game is made by Tom van den Boogaart. The other members of the collective don't work on the project but do help out by testing the game every now and then.