Project Introduction

Choose your character of choice, each with their own quest, story and effects. Start off as a beginner entrepreneur with a small food truck, trying to sell your food and drink to your customers at Sycamore Woods (the first location). As you gain more experience (and ultimately more money), you will unlock better appliances, more decorations and useful service items to help improve your rating and attract more customers. At the end of the each day, you can purchase & sell trucks and choose from one of the many hand-crafted locations to set up. How will you run your Grub Truck?

About Developer

I am a solo developer (22 year old) from England, United Kingdom. I started developing the game just before having major brain surgery (don't ask why I decided to start it then), and continued the project post surgery whilst completely my degree at university (again, don't ask why I chose the extra stress).

My mid-term goal is to gain enough traction and sales from Grub Truck to allow me to focus my career on game development (instead of balancing a normal job as well), and to expand the studio and therefore extending the possibility of the game's that can be crafted.