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Project Introduction

Key Features
- Grow magical plant creatures with your witch magic.
- Befriend a cast of unique and quirky characters.
- Craft and collect magical items and learn new spells.
- Decorate your home base with objects that boost your powers.
- Unravel the mystery of the rainbow socks.

Unlock all your magical witch spells and complete your grimoire. Mix and match different spells to find your own brand of witch magic and master the balance between all four elements.

Use your witch magic to grow plant creatures: They might look cute, but witches need to master the control of their magic, learn critical timing as well as careful positioning, and understand the needs of the plants to be able to harvest their fruits.

Find the fabled forest spirits and give them a new home at your cottage. Help them restore the magical balance in the Grimoire Groves and decorate your home base to boost the spirits’ magical powers – and yours as well.

Collect fruits, use them to craft new spells and items, and find more plant creatures to populate the forest. Honor the witch tradition of foraging and learn how to use it to enhance your powers.

Find out what disturbed the balance of the magical forest, and recover the most mythical item there ever was: The fabled rainbow socks!

About Developer

We’re a game studio committed to creating meaningful games and promoting diversity both in our team and our target audience. At Stardust, we believe that games can be more than just a source of entertainment; they can also serve as a powerful tool for social impact and change. Our mission is to use the medium of games to explore meaningful themes, tell stories that matter, and provide a platform for underrepresented voices to be heard.