Project Introduction

The inventory of your characters is a grid in which each slot represents a character trait (strength, speed, magic...). The objects you place in this grid have Tetris-like shapes, and their effects depend on the traits on which you place them.

The player has a limited amount of money with which to buy objects, as well as to combine them or change their shape to make them fit in the most convenient way in the grid.

A game consists of a series of consecutive battles, and after each of them you get money to improve this configuration of objects. New characters are also added to the group, which expands the grid with their characteristics.

The battles are automatic, and the opponents will be configurations made by other players (asynchronous multiplayer).

About Developer

I am a solo developer. In the past I have made small games like this one, mainly strategy or related to board games, a sector in which I have also worked.
I am Spanish, and I live in Spain.