Project Introduction

Inspired by classic space games like SpaceWar!, Asteroids, Lunar Lander, Elite and Escape Velocity, Gravity Break is a modern take on the mechanics that gave birth to videogames. With a finely tuned balance between simulated physics and economy, and the enjoyment of a fun core loop rooted in solid dynamic controls, you will experience space like never before.

The Cheese Crisis has engulfed the planet, and the last remaining humans are emerging from their caves, to explore what has become of the Solar System after super intelligent lab rats merged with AI and took over our industries. You will learn to get rich by picking up the scraps of cheese left over by industrious mammals, discover how to master gravity and exploit the mechanics of production and consumption. Along the way, you may even stumble upon the solution to the Cheese Crisis, or face the devastation of ever expanding markets in a finite solar system.

About Developer

bakspace interactive is the passion project of Kristian Bak, former scientific assistant at the institute of Physics and Astronomy of Aarhus University. With a deep love for making complex systems simple to play with, bakspace aims to remove the clutter from simulation gaming.