Project Introduction

Take off as a mischievous seagull, in this sandbox-style open-world game!
From playful pranks to selfless deeds, be a feathered trouble maker or a helpful hero.
Engage with an interactive world, unravel secrets, help stranded animals and more...
Let your wings decide the fate of this charming adventure!

In this non-linear experience, you're free to do as you please, in any order you choose.
Need to build something? Remember that a lumberjack in the forest is looking for an axe, bring it to him, then steal his wood!
A cook wants to reward you with food? Help the fisherman find a fishing rod and then snatch his fish! Or use any other means imaginable!

- Play as a mischievous seagull wreaking havoc on a quiet island.
- Engage in open-ended, sandbox-style gameplay.
- Solve puzzles and complete objectives using stealth, creativity, manipulation.
- Interact with various items and NPCs to cause chaos and amusement.
- Help adorable stranded animals find their way to the ocean.
- Enjoy charming visuals and a delightful, whimsical soundtrack.
- Experience dynamic reactions from the environment and characters.
- Explore multiple areas within the island, each with its own unique challenges.
- Interact with charming characters and assist them in their quests.
- Enjoy relaxing gameplay with no time limits or pressure.

About Developer

I am a French developer who previously worked at Eidos Montreal. Following the recent wave of layoffs in January 2024 and the cancellation of my project, I decided to embark on a solo adventure to develop my own game.
I genuinely enjoy it because it allows me to unleash my creativity and acquire various skills related to game development. For the moment I live thanks to my savings but I dream of being able to make it my main activity and bring great experiences to players.
So, thank you for hosting this show and giving visibility to new projects!