Content Warnings

Fantasy violence with units getting slightly bloodied.
Religious violence of the medieval crusading kind.

Project Introduction

The wild pagan lands have been under the watchful eye of the gods for as long as time. The arrival of a knight order bearing the banner of heaven threatens to upset the uneasy alliance. Will the realm burn, or will blood of both divine and mortal be spilled to protect it?

Divine Heroes and Abilities - Master the various divine heroes, each with their own set of abilities. Heroes gain unique units and buildings in addition to the ones from their faction, making each of them have a unique playstyle. Protect your followers and burn your enemies with the light of the sun as the goddess Saule, or strike under the cover of darkness as the moon god Meness. Or join the order and smite the heathens as the archangel Michael.

Build and Be Worshipped - Devoted followers will flock to your shrine. Have them gather resources and build cities so you can raise great armies for battles to come. Protect them while they pray to grant you faith, a powerful resource used for mythical creatures and god powers.

Co-op Campaign - To unite the pagan tribes, take up arms on your own or with a friend in a campaign with optional co-op. The campaign follows the Baltic pagan struggle against the crusades. Can you bring unity to the feuding pagan gods before the armies of heaven arrive? Or will the land be torn asunder for your pride?

About Developer

ThunderOak is an independent video game development studio based in Rijswijk, the Netherlands and founded in 2021 by Baiba Gedrovica and Corne Willemsen. We are two passionate developers and love strategy and RPG games.

We are developing a game about Baltic mythology and medieval crusades, both topics we are greatly interested in. I (Baiba) am from Latvia, so the mythology and culture is close to my heart, and Corne is greatly interested in medieval European history, in this case the Northern Crusades against the Baltic tribes. We think it's a very interesting setting to explore in a game.