Content Warnings

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Project Introduction

• Dynamic deck building: Choose your cards wisely! Each match is unique, with the roguelike mechanics discover new builds that will make every battle feel fresh and exciting.

• Unbelievable spectacle: Completely handmade animations that will make you feel like in a stickman animation from the golden age of internet (or like you are an anime MC).

• Divine form: Every character has 2 complemently different Movesets, uses its incredible power at any time during the battle to destroy your rivals and show them who's boss.

• Game aimed at multiplayer: Online servers powered by Hybrid Rollback Netcode and Private Dedicated Servers. This means that you will be able to destroy and outsmart naive stickmans across the world.

• Easy control scheme: The classic fighting games prevent you from doing it cool combos with excessively difficult controls, that's why in this game all the controls are easy to learn, ¡In the whole game theres no one Motion-Input!

About Developer

I am a guy who likes stickman and dreams of making great video games.
I would like more people to get to know stickman by entering my game.