Project Introduction

Is humanity so indispensable? Wiping him out would be so cool!

W-9000, an awesome and super-powered AI, did it! And now W-9000 is bored. To entertain himself, he selects certain human slaves and forces them to play games that he created. Good morning human! is one of those games.

Each level is an additional challenge. In a synthwave musical and graphic universe, in a nod to games from the 80s, you will have to achieve the best possible scores by avoiding obstacles in your path. Control and mastery will be necessary to complete each level.

Game Features:
-survive levels with increasing difficulty
-show mastery and avoid many obstacles.
-Collect pickups to maximize your score.
-Use your marksmanship to overcome certain obstacles.
-aim for the best possible score for each level.

Options available:
-Racing mode with unique levels organized by difficulty.
-Endless mode to challenge your limits and achieve the highest score possible.
-campaign mode allowing you to better discover the game world and its gameplay.
-mini-games hidden in different places in the game.
-level editor to create your own challenges and share them.
-playlist editor, choose the music for your adventure.

About Developer

I am a French developer.
I am 51 years old.
I am a certified Unreal 4 and 5 trainer. For several years I have been training young future video game creators. Many of them now work in the video game industry in large AAA studios.

The GMH-Good Morning Human project is carried out in the time available to me from my activity as a Trainer.
If I do this it is because I have a passion for creation and I want to improve my skills
in terms of game and level design, programming, graphics and marketing strategy

I've been doing indie gaming for many years, although so far I've only done
mobile games. I wanted to be more ambitious.