Content Warnings

Potentially traumatizingly warzone sounds;
Events and visuals that can trigger psychological distress;

Project Introduction

Glory to the Heroes set in the Russian-Ukrainian war is a tactical single-player and PvPvE first-person shooter with an immersive experience involving many kinds of different military units and vehicles that puts the player into the real modern battlefield.

The vision of "Glory to the Heroes" is to showcase all the brutalism and hell of modern-day conflict by immersing players into the role of an ordinary enlisted soldier on the battlefield with an absolutely new take on war where intense Artillery and trench warfare are mixed with advanced technologies like drones. By representing the real conflict events in an accurate and historical way, "Glory to the Heroes" is committed to serving educational, journalistic, and culture-sharing purposes.

*Story campaign, inspired by many real-life stories".

*Environmental and Urban photogrammetry: We use real-world heightmap data and photogrammetry-scanned objects including historical sights or shelled buildings.

- Core Mechanics of this game -

1) Large-scale simulative battles with squad-based, combined arms combat.
Matches are conducted to simulate the scale of actual war engagements, showcasing all main military units and their duties on the frontline.

2) Role-Specific Duties:
There are several roles to choose from, such as Assaulter, FPV-Operator, Artilleryman, Driver, Rifleman, or Grenadier, each with specific duties and equipment. Some roles are designed to manage resources and logistics, like ammo and fuel deliverance.

3) Realistic Vehicles and Weapon Handling:
Realistic weapon behavior (malfunction, ballistics, projectile physics, recoil, and handling ), in-vehicle view with interiors, and more.

4) Map and Intelligence Tools:
Real-time map widget, inspired by Ukrainian "Delta" and "Kropyva" tactical software with NATO-based marks and icons.

5) Scenarios:
A variety of game modes including large-scale simulations of real battles or PvE cooperative missions.

6) Health and Injury System:
There's no regeneration of health. Heavy injuries must be treated by a Medic, and light injuries can be treated by a bandage or tourniquet. Severe injuries result in death forcing you to respawn.

7) Advanced AI
AI enemies could be as deadly as real players with abilities to engage, hide, haunt, and suppress. Handling the same class system as players, bots could utilize different weaponry as well as control vehicles and artillery.

About Developer

Spacedev Games is a young independent (Ukrainian) game development studio.

For our first game, we did several trips across the eastern warzone to scan a lot of military equipment and environments, collect some audio and other kinds of assets, as well as cooperate and consult with the military on sight.

We will make sure that a part of the sales of our products will be utilized to make the lives of Ukrainian soldiers and veterans better.