Content Warnings

Some stylized nudity, which is artistic and non-explicit, may be present. Additionally, it features mild violence, which is integral to the storytelling but kept within the bounds of the game's thematic context.

Players should be aware that the narrative delves into themes of anxiety, obsession, and mental decay, which may be intense for some audiences. The story may include dramatic or unsettling scenes to enhance the atmospheric experience.

Project Introduction

Gloomy Juncture is a neo-noir psychological thriller and a character-driven adventure, focusing on character development, featuring heavily stylized art within a painstakingly hand-drawn 3D world, fully-voiced characters, dynamically narrated events, and a point & click gameplay core. With no death condition, meticulously explore your surroundings and solve puzzles to unlock new areas. Hidden objects throughout the game provide achievements and alternate solutions.

Set in the 90s, the story unfolds in a decaying and morally bankrupt urban setting. You're not special; you're not a hero. One night a single gunshot shatters the silence, setting the wheels of fate in motion... A final task before clocking out spirals into a pulp mystery, pushing your sanity to its limits. As you navigate this gritty and decaying world, your deteriorating mental state becomes your greatest enemy, in this peculiar tale about obsession, as your fate collides with the aftermath of that fateful gunshot.

Gloomy Juncture is inspired by neo-noir films, psychological dramas, weird B-movies, the works of Hitchcock, Lynch, and Aronofsky, and European horror, blending a cinematic narrative experience with hardcore gameplay reminiscent of '90s adventures. Exploring themes of obsession, unease, and hopelessness.

About Developer

Subtales Studio comes from the vision of a Portuguese coder that gets inspired by loud music, arthouse films, and B-movies. The studio aspires to create meticulously handcrafted indie games with stylized graphics, innovative gameplay inspired by classic old-school games, and a rich infusion of cinematic influences.

As the founder and solo developer, I wear several hats, encompassing core strategies, product roadmaps, marketing, game design, programming, 3D modeling, animation, writing, and design.

The studio's inaugural title is Gloomy Juncture, currently scheduled to be released in 2025. Gloomy Juncture's unique style combines classic adventure gameplay, a unique hand-drawn 3D world in a neo-noir setting and cutting-edge technology. The aim is to craft an immersive narrative-driven experience, while forging a gameplay style that pays homage to the classic point & click games of the '90s.

I'm proud to be part of the vibrant European indie games scene and the fast-growing Portuguese industry. Based in Portugal, I draw inspiration from the region's artistic heritage and participate in local and European indie game events, creating connections and collaborations with fellow developers. After my first public showcase at Indie X 2023, I had the pleasure of being selected for the inaugural Gamiberica – Iberian Games Summit, where I joined 30 studios from Portugal and Spain in a conference dedicated to debating the video games industry in the Iberian Peninsula.