Content Warnings

There's blood and violence but very cartoony as you can see from the style of the game.

Project Introduction

Form a guild, hire your first gladiators and begin your adventure in this epic fantasy world.

Choose gladiators to enter each fight, position them and instruct their behavior.

The deadly battle will play out on its own, showing you the results of your strategy.
Beware of your enemy, keep a keen eye on their moves, and figure out how to counter them.

Your main goal is to win monthly championships, rise through the ranks, and conquer more and more challenging arenas.

As you progress you’ll expand your guild, allowing you to hire various new types of gladiators ranging from warriors, rangers, and beasts to mages, creatures, and all in between. Letting you form unique teams.

Each gladiator comes with different quirks, either making them very good at something, but expensive, or very bad, yet affordable. Choose and trade your champions wisely at the market, where all kinds of new gladiators will arrive.

Unleash your creativity by growing your unique team. Level them up, and equip them with more and more powerful items. All while planning for gladiators whose traits and equipment compliment each other to fight most efficiently.

Between monthly championships you should maximize your guild profit and growth to gain an edge at the next big tournament.

Enter weekly Ring of Death arenas that offer a diverse range of challenges.

Take advantage of changing weather conditions that affect gladiators to gain the upper hand on your opponents.

A variety of quest offers will come from different characters in need of your deadly gladiator services outside of the arena.
Build reputations with different factions and learn about this world, or even change it.

Help out the poor, support the district and the kingdom, or aid the progress of magic, depending on the main allegiance you chose. Or get involved in silly side plots.

Once you’re ready to put your gladiator’s power to the ultimate test, accept challenging quests where your team will fight horrifying boss monsters.

Starting each new game randomizes available gladiators, quirks, and items, giving you a challenge to figure out whole new team structures and tactics with what you are given.

Once you master the game and want to challenge yourself even further, you can enable time limit, or even permadeath mode, in which you will not be able to resurrect your gladiators once they have fallen in the battle.

We also have a Tournament mode where gameplay is streamlined to only arena battles, endless until you lose to enemies that are getting more powerful each round. You'll then be able to add your name to the leaderboard with the score you made and try again with a different build tactic.

About Developer

My name is Darko Peninger, and I've been making games as Entertainment Forge for more than 10 years. Half of that career was back in the days of Flash games, where I worked with various sponsors, including Armor Games, Miniclip, and many more. The most popular games being Epic Boss Fighter, Wasteland Siege, and Mystery IQ Test. Afterwards, I started learning Unity and made small games like Puzzle Chambers and Scheming Through The Zombie Apocalypse. I worked with different people during different games. Gilbert De Vera from the Philippines was the artist for most of my Flash games, but then I started working with Goran Pesic from Serbia, who drew art for most of my Steam games. And now, I collaborate with Danijel Damcevski (Serbia as well) on Gladiator Guild Manager. After two small Steam games, I built trust with the Polish publisher Rafal Kokosza (Grab the Games). And we decided to throw ourselves into this project that could take a year or maybe even two. It ended up taking five. It was a huge decision for all of us, including the publisher who had never invested this much into any project. But we were really passionate about creating this game, and the publisher could see that and decided to support us in creating it. It took three years before we were ready for Early Access, but luckily we had great communication with the publisher, so he trusted us to keep going. We even managed to raise a small Kickstarter campaign to keep us going as our publisher was running out of funds and the game was still not done. Luckily, there was enough interest, and after Early Access, the game managed to keep us going financially for another two years as we kept improving it. Here we are, five years later, and are finishing the final changes and slowly getting ready to fully release the game in a few months.