Content Warnings

None, this is a family friendly game that even non-gamers can enjoy thanks to simple controls.

Project Introduction

Although the game is anchored in a cozy and friendly fantasy, it hides a more strategic aspect in its card-based gameplay. It's based on a new genre created by Cultist Simulator and refined by Stacklands. This genre delivers a simple and satisfying core loop along with the tremendous strength of displaying any event within the thematic device of a card. These mechanics lead to a genre that is at its best when supporting a strong fantasy to explore such as running a cult or building a village.

This aspect is at the center of our game. We want players to be curious and explore card combinations, there will be no timers or fail states compared to other games in the genre. I believe we are further innovating on the genre by introducing a decoration aspect to the loop and some of the crafting mechanics we are prototyping right now.

Among crafting new buildings and fun Buggie things during the day, you will also craft decorations which at the end of the day can be placed in your party environment. Thus, decorating your own party before starting the next day with a fresh batch of randomized cards. If you want to collect a certain Buggie and make them come to your party, you will need to craft the decoration they want!
This incentivizes discovering new card combinations every day and acts as a puzzle where you must guess at what combination of cards will lead to the decoration the Buggie wants.

The game has a high score system which a player can easily opt in or out of. This gives the rather linear experience a chance to engage player over the long-term thanks in part to the input randomness. Players will have to optimize their card combinations and challenge their knowledge of hundreds of crafting recipes as these are never explicitly given to the player. We believe this simple mechanical base has potential for deep gameplay which combined with the Buggie fantasy will lead to a captivating experience accessible to everyone.

About Developer

We are three people, one designer, one artist and one programmer all working on the game for about 2 months now.
Currently two of our team members (excluding our artist Hans) have been working in the games industry for multiple years at MLC ( Ben as a freelance developer and tech artist and me as a producer.

We are a young team of gamedevs spread across the globe that have never met in person and yet have known each other and worked together for a quite a while now. Hans, our art director and narrative designer has always dreamed of becoming an indie developer but never had the chance to break into the industry until now. Ben is a jack of all trades experienced in programming, 3D modeling and VFX/physics sims. I have no doubts you will see his skills in the game's natural juiciness. There is also myself who leads the game direction, design, production and marketing. I have been making hobby games with teams for 4 years now and have a keen eye for the business side of games.

The videos and screenshots we are giving here are not representative of the final game. We believe that given enough playtest rounds and our diverse development experience we can craft gameplay that matches the awesome concept of the game.
We will have a Steam page up on June 27th. Given this game is of small scope, progress is expected to move swiftly, we will provide the IndieCup with more material including a trailer when our Steam page is launched.
We are aiming for a demo to be available on Steam by, if not before the 27th of August.