Content Warnings

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Project Introduction

"Generation Ship" invites players into a gripping narrative set in a dystopian future Earth ravaged by war and environmental collapse. As the world teeters on the brink of extinction, governments rally to build massive generation ships orbiting the planet, humanity's last hope for survival. Players assume the role of an advanced AI tasked with overseeing the construction and operation of one such vessel, navigating the challenges of space travel and ensuring the well-being of its crew.

At its core, "Generation Ship" is a base-building and resource management game with a focus on realism and immersion. Players are responsible for designing and constructing the cylindrical habitat of the generation ship, strategically placing rooms and installing vital systems to support life in the unforgiving void of space.

The gameplay unfolds in real-time, with the option to speed up or slow down time to manage various tasks and events efficiently. From overseeing the production of essential resources like food, water, and oxygen to maintaining environmental conditions such as air quality and temperature, players must carefully balance the needs of their crew with the limitations of their ship.

Crew management is another critical aspect of gameplay, with each member possessing unique skills and abilities that influence their effectiveness in various tasks. Players must assign roles and responsibilities to crew members, ensuring that the ship's systems continue to function smoothly and efficiently.

As players progress, they'll encounter a variety of challenges, including random events that test their problem-solving skills and resourcefulness. From power outages and equipment malfunctions to encounters with other ships or celestial phenomena, every decision made can have far-reaching consequences for the crew's survival.

The ultimate goal of "Generation Ship" is to construct a fully autonomous vessel capable of sustaining a large crew for the long journey ahead. As players expand their ship, gather resources, and overcome obstacles, they'll inch closer to humanity's last chance for a new beginning among the stars.

About Developer

I have worked as a Freelance Software Developer for more than 10 years, primarily focusing on developing servers in Java and modern web applications. During this period, I also undertook some small game projects, which I found incredibly captivating. In 2020, amidst the pandemic, a project came to an end, presenting me with an opportunity to embark on creating my first substantial game. Given my longstanding interest in playing simulation games such as Kerbal Space Program, city builders, and other colony simulations, I sought to combine these elements in the development of Generation Ship.