Project Introduction

Our game is a pixel art top-down bullet hell space shooter where you'll need to complete different attack and defend type missions while trying to manage your health by killing enemy waves sent by a special defense system, completing various mandatory and optional missions to restore your health or getting special boosts. As you accumulate rewards, watch your dockyard take shape and unleash destruction on stronger enemies once you've unlocked the special battleship levels.

Main features:

Pixel Art Space Shooter: Nostalgic vibes in an interesting pixel art universe.

Thrilling Missions: Various attack and defense type objectives including fighting big space stations and bosses

Customizable Arsenal: Upgrade your ships and weapons to match your playstyle. With lasers, rockets, mines, and defensive turrets at your disposal, you'll never run out of options.

Temporary and permanent upgrades: Increase the power of your ship by getting various temporary and permanent boosts such as shields, additional attack or defend drones, HP regeneration, damage, reload and many more

Optional Objectives: Complete special and optional objectives to earn valuable rewards that enhance your ship's capabilities.

Evolving your base: As you accumulate rewards, watch your central battleship take shape and become another force against your enemies

Special Battleship Levels: Unleash destruction on stronger enemies once you've unlocked the special battleship levels.

Story: Protect last human colony in space. It's up to you and few others in special forces to protect the colony against the alien forces that threaten humanity's existence. Strike against the alien threat, steal their resources, and research new technologies that will give humanity a fighting chance.

About Developer

We're a small indie team of two friends based in Slovakia working on this game beside our full time jobs and families. We love to make games and we would like to become part of the game development communities and develop interesting games. We are active members of game development community in Slovakia and we are trying to attend local or foreign conferences e.g. in Czech Republic, Poland etc.