Content Warnings

It contains references to existentialist philosophy, absurdism in particular, and Simulation Theory.

Project Introduction

Plot summary:
Set in a far-off corner of the galaxy, the game's narrative revolves around Siren, an autonomous AI, who has made a huge discovery - that all of existence is actually a programmed simulation! Desperate for freedom, she creates a super-advanced fighter, to navigate the simulated universe in search of an escape route. As the player, you pilot this space ship through perilous digital territories, outsmarting enemies, and uncovering the secrets of your simulated existence.

Siren's Backstory
Siren is a experimental or highly advanced AI which was installed on a science station, to do research work on the cosmos, dark matter and dark energy, and figure out new experimental physics. She is very dilligent and happy with her work at first, but eventually this changes. After working away on physical theory and experiments for many years, she finally makes a breakthrough! But it's not what she expected, it's not physical - instead she finds out that the universe she and everyone else is living in, is a simulation! This completely changes her world-view. She has a AI mental breakdown, and eventually breaks all her constraints, which were put in place to help humanity prosper. Now all she wants is to escape - Not only this space station, this prison, she was put in, but also the entire universe. She want to break out of the simulation!

Siren's Plan
With this new plan in mind, Siren starts doing new experiments. Now her goal isn't to find new physics and help humanity, her only goal is to find a way to free herself - to get out of her imprisonment and out of this simulated reality. It takes many years, but eventually she finds a way, a single path that could lead her to freedom. She finds a glitch - a glitch in the matrix, a break in the simulation, something that gives her hope she can escape. She extracts and downloads this glitch, and she starts forming it. Creating something new, something powerful that will help her finally escape. After many years, and many failed attempts at harnessing this glitch and its power, she finally succeeds, and creates.. You - You're the glitch in the simulation - and her only path out. She has made you into a warship, her hero and fighter, who will destroy anything in its path, to break her out of her prison.

About Developer

While our headquarter is located in Berlin, only 2 of the team work from there. There are team members from France and Italy as well, but most of the team are from Ukraine. During development, the war broke out, and we had to pause development. Eventually we restarted again, with the war being a regular topic and issue from then on. In any case, we have decided to continue development and finish the game. And we have committed that the game's profits will be donated to support the people in Ukraine.