Content Warnings

We don't consider there to be anything annoying in our game, since it is a game with a cute aesthetic. And although in the game we are "killing" fruits, it is not, nor does it seek to be explicit.

Project Introduction

A nice 2D platform game with a 3D character, in which we will have to fight against fruits and vegetables to ensure the survival of humanity.

In this game you will have to pass the levels represented by different parts of the world, your character is a cook of the human resistance and your weapons will be kitchen tools, you will also have at your disposal power up that you will prepare with the remains of the fruits that you defeat in your adventure.

At the end of each level you will face a boss, and by doing so you will have access to the next level.

About Developer

We are a video game studio housed in the Polo Nacional de Contenido Digital, in Malaga.

We are six partners and we also have the participation of an illustrator and a musician.

The six partners were students of a Specialization Course in Video Game Development and Virtual Reality, later called FP Master in Video Game Development and Virtual Reality, after some practice in the course, we saw that we could perform well as a team, so we decided set up our own studio.