Project Introduction

A journey of flavors and friendships awaits you in your cozy, customisable food truck! Forage for fresh ingredients to create your own menu, then feed tummies and souls with home-cooked meals.

Customize and upgrade your foodtruck - From a giant springy banana to racing wings, customize your Fruitbus to reflect your personality. Find new ways to attract customers with music and bright colors.

Forage in the Wilds - Treat Mother Earth well as you adventure into the wilds and gather ingredients. Find inspiration for your next top-selling dish in ancient glades, secret groves, and forgotten grottos.

Refine Your Recipes – Upgrade your kitchen to fit your play style. Make fun and original dishes for customers to try or take on the challenge of making the local delicacy.

Food for the Soul – Grow a following of loyal customers and discover their unique stories by creating dishes that evoke feelings and memories. Use the power of food to help and unlock new possibilities for you and your Fruitbus.

About Developer

The Norwegian Krillbite Studio is behind the indie cult hit "Among the Sleep" and the modern narrative adventure "Mosaic" that takes on existential dread. Our latest title is the introspecitve forest hike "Sunlight".

Krillbite was founded in 2011, then students. We are now thirteen employees, consisting of founders and new talent, supported by a large pool of freelancers and associates.

We are committed to create games that cover new ground.