Project Introduction

This is a story game with a variety of endings and events similar to the game 60 seconds, in which the player needs to make difficult decisions. The game itself has great replayability and belongs to the genre of simulator, survival and resource management. In the game, you can choose and lead a group of people who have discovered a fortified bunker and are trying to survive in a world full of zombies and bandits. They will have to explore the map in search of resources, equip and improve their bunker, repel enemy attacks and establish relations with other settlements and factions. The game also features an engaging storyline and various endings, both good and bad.

About Developer

Our team consists of four people:

One - Game Designer and Marketer. He is responsible for developing game mechanics and promoting the game.
One Programmer and Team Lead. He works directly on the game in Unity and coordinates the team's work.
And one - 2D Artist. She creates sprites for items, characters, events, rooms, and interiors.
And marketer- Recently joined to help create videos for YouTube, TikTok, and other social platforms (we are currently stockpiling videos until the right moment when we can release them regularly).

Big part of our team remains in Ukraine and in Europe. Our main goal is to create a unique and outstanding product.