Project Introduction

The main gameplay of Frogo Jump is to pick a level from the overworld and then beat it. You can also collect flies wich are the currency of the game. In shops you can buy optional cosmetics. This game is a precision platformer with restricted movement as the player can only jump left or right.
The levels are designed mostly vertical. So if the player misses a jump they might have to redo a part of the level. But the levels have checkpoints.
There are 4 worlds with different main mechanics. Around 7 levels per world are planned.
The first wolrd introduces you to typical platformer mechanics like spikes that kill you. The main mechanic are sticky walls wich the player can use to wall jump. You can also wall slide on these walls.
The second world is halloween/spooky themed. The main mechanics are moving platforms.
The third world is desert themed. The main mechanic is quicksand.
The last world is ice themed. The main mechanics are slippery platforms and breaking platforms.
Some of these might not sound special but these simple mechanics can be hard if you can only jump.
It takes around 2-5 minutes to beat a level and 5-8 to beat the final level of the world.

About Developer

Hello I'm Kami and I'm a 26 year old solo gamedev living in germany.
I visit a university and major computer science and work part time. With the rest of the time I have left, I work on Frogo Jump.
This is also my first game I will release. So I'm pretty new to the scene :)