Project Introduction

Near future. Recovery is in full swing. But due to the lack of workers, the process was delayed... And then, with the power of the will of millions of people, the Spirit of Restoration was created! From now on, the building elements themselves could take their places. But it turned out to be difficult. So help them!
In this game you have to take control of building elements of different shapes and sizes and install them. And also use to install other elements. And various character properties (speed, jump height, etc.) and different level physics (inertia, jump control, etc.) will help and hinder you.
In addition, you can collect keys that increase the number of uncompleted open levels, for the possibility of non-linear progress. And try to go beyond the location to unlock bonus levels.

About Developer

I was born and grew up in the city of Sloviansk. But because of shelling I was forced to leave my native city. I make a game because I like it!