Fragments of Child

Project Introduction

Join B, a Debugger on her mission to solve the problems of a factory full of robots that are strangely turning hostile.
Use B's different TVs and weapons along with her companions to execute spectacular combined attacks and take down not only corrupted robots but also fearsome final bosses.
Get ready to enjoy a unique hero's journey full of action, humor, tension and epic moments with Fragments of Child.

About Developer

Creek Games is a company based in Madrid with a team of 20 people working remotely. We are currently developing Fragments of Child, a game whose prototype began as a personal project created in Dreams, Media Molecule's game development platform.

Due to the success of the prototype, we decided to pursue professional development, leveraging our experience in the industry and involving professionals from all fields and roles. We are currently producing the pre-alpha version and we are also actively seeking funding, either from a publisher or an investor.