Project Introduction

Journey once again into a malevolent world inspired by H.P Lovecraft’s myths where madness awaits on every corner. Embark on a path to salvation as you continue the story of the Priest character from the first installment. How long can you balance on the edge of sanity? Will your sins be forgiven, or your soul consumed by madness?

Dark hand-drawn graphic design where every frame looks like a page from a comic book is one of the pillars of Forgive Me Father, and the sequel brings a fresh perspective to its unique style with improved sprites, models and atmospheric lighting effects. Prepare to feast your eyes on juicy blood effects and animated gibs flying everywhere!

Defeat Lovecraftian nightmares with a wide range of weapons. Fight hosts of diverse, formidable enemies and beware: each and every one of them evolves into different, ever more evil and twisted forms of themselves - this journey does not get any easier!

About Developer

Byte Barrel is an independent video game developer founded in 2017 by Ernest Krystian and Kamil Przeździecki. The studio started with two game enthusiasts and grew into a team full of talented professionals who share the same passion. We focus on what we do best, which is creating action-packed titles with stunning visuals crafted by hand with the utmost attention to detail. We are not afraid to face new challenges and explore various genres — from dark retro shooters to crazy experiments simulators. Our mission is to deliver epic experiences for players all over the world and there is nothing that would stop us from accomplishing that.