Project Introduction

Folklands is our “love letter” to a genre that is almost forgotten. A “return-to-roots” sort of game, focused on building a settlement, transporting and refining resources and catering for the ever changing needs of your folks. Think Settlers, Anno and the Impressions Games (Caesar, Pharaoh, etc).
With Folklands, we are trying to re-create the feeling we got from the classic games of the genre, and share the feeling with a new generation of players.
The game combines the "traditional" formula established by Settlers - establish a settlement with production lines for timber, planks and food, and quickly branches out to more refined needs via farming and tool-making - with elements from Anno such as socialization needs and trading as well as gameplay elements from Caesar and Pharaoh with settlement services such as fire safety, health, taxation and crime.
Similar to games like Settlers, Folklands also tries to create an adventure-like universe that doesn’t try to mimic an existing time period, but blends an imaginary world with real-life buildings, resources and mechanics.
All of this wrapped up in a peaceful and relaxing game with full multiplayer support and randomly generated maps with custom game settings creates a unique, calm experience that you can enjoy with your friends or family in your own pace.

About Developer

Bromantic games is the story of three brothers who wanted to make games together. It started in 2007, with a card game that was in development for over 12 years before we all realized none of us like card games! If that's not a metaphor for bad family communication I don't know what is.
The three of us have always enjoyed playing games together, and we grew up playing games like Settlers, Age of Empires, Anno, Caesar, Pharaoh, Civilization to name just very few of the games we've played extensively.
Our skillset is varied: Daniel is a skilled developer and coder, Simen is our graphical designer and animator, and Sebastian handles game design, backstory and testing. Making games together also lets us spend time together even though we live in three different parts of the country (and have all moved several times during our time as indie game devs!).