Project Introduction

The game is played through a linear sequence of levels. Each level contains 3-4 stages and will get gradually harder. You get three tries per wall which we call strikes. Completing a wall clear your strikes and you have three tries for the next one.
4 levels are grouped in a room. A room always introduces a new mechanic to the game, allowing for more complex puzzles. Here are some of the new mechanics we introduce:
- Ice block: Will freeze in place and allows for blocks to "float"
- Metal Plate: Prevents blocks from being grabbed in certain places
- Baloon Block: Has negative gravity
- Magnet blocks: They attract each other
- Void Blocks: They essential work as a boolean subtract
- Exploding blocks: Explodes if touched by the wall, destroying blocks around it.
Different types of blocks can be combined to create interesting situation e.g. The balloon block can be trapped under an ice block so it doesn't fly away, a block can be covered eniterely in metal so you need to use other blocks to manipulate it, the bomb needs to be placed away from the magnet block so it doesn't drop the stuff it's holding etc.
We also have arenas with different mechanics. In one arena your baloons are replaced with wings that you have to flat to stay afloat. In another arena the wall start upside down and slowly rotates as it moves towards the player.

About Developer

We are two independent developes based out of Copenhagen, Denmark. Having met all the way back in university we have been making small fun games together for years for different game jams. Now we are ready to embark on trying to release our first game together.