Project Introduction

Flavor Favor is a soft sci-fi visual novel where you take on the role of a captive fumer, a form of advanced AI humanoid, on the remote island of Tuinu. Your captors insist on having liberated you, but as you gradually recover your memories, a more complex story starts to unfold.
Create snacks, make friends or foes, uncover secrets, and regain your senses in this poignant mystery adventure. But hurry, without the life-sustaining substance fume that keeps your systems working, your body has slowly started to deteriorate. If you don't find an escape from the island soon, your next breath might be your last.

About Developer

As a team of freelancers operating under a cooperative business model, we bring together a diverse set of skills and experiences to our project. Our team consists of Elias, our talented programmer; Niki, our dedicated producer; Mira, our creative composer; Masha, our skilled 2D artist; and Edwin, our imaginative writer. All of us are based in Sweden, where we collaborate closely despite working remotely.