Content Warnings

UI/UX iteration is in progress, so the current state is more mobile - all actions by click. This realization is made only for testing.

Project Introduction

Embark on a journey alongside once mighty and generous, now the forgotten god, whose energy slowly dissipates from the world. Betrayed by his human apprentice who decided to become a new divine by sacrificing his master, the Divine Spirit initially distrusts humanity until witnessing their bravery in defending against darkness. Before going to the void God is ready to make his last call to save humankind.

Lead a squad of brave adventurers through a war-torn world besieged by darkness. Engage in meticulously crafted turn-based battles spanning four captivating chapters, where green recruits evolve into seasoned warriors.
Challenge your strategic prowess as you navigate through tactical encounters, devising maneuvers, launching assaults, and striving to tip the scales of the conflict in your favor. Witness the transformation of your ragtag group into legendary heroes, forged from humble beginnings into mythical champions.
Invest in the growth of your team, meticulously nurturing their skills and resilience to endure the harrowing trials ahead. Every decision counts as you strive to carve a path of hope amidst a bleak and seemingly insurmountable crisis.

About Developer

StartImpulse is a solo developer from Ukraine.
Two Cakes Studio agreed to support StartImpulse in finishing the game, porting and publishing.
This is the second game in our collaboration.