Project Introduction

Feudums blends 4X with grand strategy, idler and online social/strategy game elements, is fully moddable and is also strictly fair to play - players have equal access to both content and features in multiplayer and cannot buy ANY in-game advantage, so strategy truly reigns supreme.

Feudums combines kingdom management and persistent dynasty building. Protect and grow your holdings and noble house amidst other players. Navigate through an unforgiving feudal society, forge alliances and bind loyal vassals, outsmart adversaries and lead bold military campaigns. Witness how the expanding shadow of your dynasty envelops the world as your house's renown carries over to new game sessions.

Key Features:

⬣ Commemorate Your Story: with rich and detailed medieval heraldry that tells your story on your very shields and banners.

⬣ Lead Your Fiefdoms: Begin in a humble position and gradually expand into a mighty kingdom. Master the seasonal rhythm of medieval life as it interconnect everything from economy to warfare. Guide your serfs, expand and specialize regions, send out raids and protect your lands from hostile incursion.

⬣ Emerge in Feudal Noble Society: Take oaths and make promises, find your vassals, liege and political allies, then forge your path through betrayal and loyalty, opportunism and faithful service. Will false promises, fabricated claims and moral shortcuts help your rise in power or will they seal your fate?

⬣ Master the Art of War. Hire mercenaries, raise an expensive standing army or rally your feudal lances for military campaigns. Engage in wars alongside your allies, vassals, or liege lord, or draw your own war plans and set them in motion. Coordinate reinforcements, besiege and blockade strategic locations and use terrain, season and clever military tactics to secure victory.

⬣ Build Your Noble House: Play a different protagonist in each game, with their own personal traits, goals and drawbacks, but remember that every single deed, achievement or stain they earn will contribute to the legacy of your noble house, shaping the path for the following generation.

Feudums features a detailed vassalage and political system and a lot more, and its publicly available monetization promises ensure accountability. The main game mode is online multiplayer, but traditional single player mode will be also present.


I love the social (and idler) aspects behind old browser (now mobile) strategy games, but they are pay-to-win. I also love turn-based 4X and grand strategy games, but playing against AIs make them predictable. The most memorable opponents are still human players - AI opponents don't have real agency - but it is difficult to play turn-based games in multiplayer in higher numbers.

That's why I try to merge the best of both worlds in an online PC game. Feudums adds the social component and a more challenging long game against human opponents to the grand strategy scenery, but remains a deep 4X / grand strategy game itself.

I'm a huge fan (and forever nerd) of classic strategy games from the '90s, such as Lords of the Realm or Genesia, and bold narrative-strategy hybrids with a strong vibe, like Defender of the Crown or the classic Dune (by Cryo Interactive). More recent games like Endless Legend, Old World, Crusader Kings or Knights of Honor (both I and II) have also influenced Feudums, shaping both its vibe and gameplay approach.

Community First:
I built a couple RPG MUSHes in the '90s and early 2000s and I have been working on this project for a very long time. Inspired by Amplitude's Games2Gether, my own MUSH experiences and indie realities, I offer full transparency through a continuously updated, totally free online multiplayer demo that serves as my interactive developer diary, and I actively collect and incorporate player feedback into development.

Current Stage
Feudums is playable, but still heavily work in progress.

Online multiplayer, modding and game customization, heraldry, seasonal economy and warfare, the core diplomatic system and some of the idler aspects are largely present. A limited in-game guide is also available with content put together with the community for our new players.

As I continue to finalize existing features, our community can vote on the top priority feature from our roadmap to be implemented next. I try to update the demo (my transparent interactive dev diary) in every few months.

About Developer

I am a Microsoft Innovation Awardee and co-creator of two Hungarian RPG MUSHes (the precursor of freestyle, roleplay-focused multiplayer CRPGs), which sadly also reflects my age. I'm a forever strategy game- and former RPG nerd, also a hobbist game systems designer since the C64 era, and a professional software engineer / architect for over 20 years. Feudums is both my dream game and passion project, and I love working on it.

I'm working with two core contributors - whenever I can afford to pay their work - for over 8 year. I know my co-developer from my professional background, and my graphic artist from the indie game development scene.